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What happens with refugee housing in dire condition if a quake hits Cyprus?

The divided island’s new government will give top priority to fixing apartment buildings in refugee housing estates considering that 43 of those are already found to need immediate action.

But the possibility of an imminent earthquake hitting Cyprus which is in a highly-seismic area is there and it is scary, Philenews reported on Wednesday.

These 43 apartment buildings face an abundance of problems and should be demolished and rebuilt rather than get repaired, according to the study of the Department of Urban Planning in 2020.

Interior Minister Constantinos Ioannou on Tuesday told the House Refugee Committee that the government will spend €100 million over ten years to fix the problems.

And that a plan to be discussed at the next cabinet meeting has been drawn up to deal with a total of 358 refugee buildings that need review.

He also said that the problem is that many of the flats or buildings have been issued title deeds, making it difficult for the government to step in and fix the problems.

However, as soon as the plan is announced, those who are concerned about their safety from the owners of the 43 apartment buildings can immediately apply for a relocation subsidy.

Committee members raised another valid concern since the age of most of the tenants in these dangerous buildings deemed to be demolished ranges between 80 and 90 years.

And they don’t seem to have the income to cover the additional amount that they will be required to contribute themselves considering that the full rent will not be subsidized.

If some of these tenants decide that they do not want to leave their apartments, this means that work cannot start.

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