NewsLocal'We're not scapegoats'-Police Association notes rise of juvenile delinquency following attacks

‘We’re not scapegoats’-Police Association notes rise of juvenile delinquency following attacks


The rise of juvenile delinquency is a source of both sadness and concern, said the Cyprus Police Association following violent incidents throughout Holy Week, culminating in a night of fires and destruction of private and public property on Holy Saturday evening, with the torching of police vehicles and attacks on officers and the fire service.

Pandemic conditions have led to disappointment and anger, particularly amongst youths, the Association notes, but in no way such a psychological state justifies and allows a violent outburst of juvenile delinquency.

The Police Association calls on families, the education system and society as a whole to take up their own responsibilities and find a way of defusing such behaviour.

‘Police officers and the fire service were once again called upon to replace social actors and became the receptors of mob rage’, a Police Association statement said.

We expect everyone’s support, the statement notes, as police is the one called upon to provide solutions. It will not however, it adds, tolerate the victimisation and ridicule of police officers, who became scapegoats while performing their duties.

The police, it is stressed, proves its effectiveness and professionalism on a daily basis.

Justice and Public Order minister Emily Yiolitis said that such violent behaviour will not be tolerated.

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