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Weeks after harassed by Turkish navy vessels, Nautica Geo back at work in Cyprus’ EEZ

Research vessel Nautical Geo on Friday morning was back in bloc 1 in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone a few weeks after it was illegally sent away by Turkish navy vessels.

According to a Navtex issued by the Republic of Cyprus, the Nautical Geo will be executing survey operations with the country’s EEZ between Friday and midnight Saturday.

Nautical Geo belongs to a company of Italian interests and is under the flag of Malta.

It carries on research within the framework of the EastMed pipeline project which is funded by the EU with the participation of Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Israel.

Turkey had warned it would not allow the Nautical Geo to resume its operations off Cyprus but also off Crete, alleging violation of its rights.

Earlier in the week, Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides said Turkey’s violations in the region also impact the EU’s interests and goals and of its member states.

Because these violations also aim to block any prospects for the Eastern Mediterranean to develop as an alternative energy option for the bloc, he added.


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