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Websites pretending to be the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission ask for money

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (EKK) announced that detected new cases of fraudulent imitations of its website, as well as of people pretending to be officers of the Commission.

The fraudulent websites are:






EKK urges investors to be particularly careful of people requesting money to settle alleged compensations.

EKK reminds the public that it never sends unsolicited mail to investors requesting personal financial or other data.

As a supervising authority, EKK has no power or jurisdiction to receive a commission for any purpose from isolated investors nor does it have the authority to appoint anyone to do it on its behalf.

The EKK does not authorize, verify, monitor, or is involved in any way in group lawsuits, systems of compensations, payments among natural or legal persons, or any public or private bodies.

The EKK is urging the public to remain alert regarding any unsolicited communication that seems to be taking place on behalf of EKK and to refrain from paying money to anyone claiming that he/she represents EKK.

Investors that receive this kind of communication are urged to contact EKK to confirm its authenticity at [email protected] before proceeding with any action.

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