NewsLocalWeather: Higher levels of dust in the atmospere today

Weather: Higher levels of dust in the atmospere today

With higher levels of dust in Cypriot skies today, the Department of Labour Inspection recommends avoiding open spaces, especially if belonging to any of the more vulnerable population groups. Employers are also required to take appropriate measures (organizational and technical), as they assess the risks to employees. In addition, it is recommended for workers to use appropriate personal protective equipment.

More information and continuous updates on air quality can be found on the website and on the app ”Air Quality Cyprus”, which is can be found for free on Google Play and iOS App Store.

Dust will remain in the atmosphere until Sunday. Today, the weather is expected to be relatively mild and slightly cloudy from midday onwards, with the possibility of rain. The temperature will reach 35 degrees in the centre, 28 on the eastern coasts, 31 on the rest of the coasts and 26 at the highest peaks. Tonight, temperature will drop to 20 degrees in the centre and coasts and 16 at the mountains.

On Saturday, there may be rain early in the morning but the weather is expected to be mild with a slight drop in temperature for the rest of the day. The temperature will drop slightly from Sunday and Monday onwards.

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