NewsLocal“We are not thieves," say oil import company reps, gas station owners

“We are not thieves,” say oil import company reps, gas station owners

Oil import company representatives and gas station owners say public accusations that they are making extravagant profits these days by taking advantage of the gloomy economic situation worldwide are baseless.

Their message was sent out on Tuesday when two different parliamentary committees were debating whether oil and gas prices could come down or at least stabilize – something that seems to be impossible.

“We are not thieves; we are not making extravagant profits” they told MPs at the House Commerce and Energy Committee as well as the House Finance Committee.

In fact, they argued, they themselves are also confronted with mountain-high obstacles – one of which is decreased demand as drivers restrict their movements to absolute essential ones these days.

It seems that consumers have realized the impasse and are trying to reduce the unbearable costs of fuel themselves by limiting consumption, where possible.

Cut down is traffic for leisure or social obligations but also for business purposes with only difficult or impossible to reduce ones now carried out.

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