NewsLocalWarning over 'pretend cops' after woman reports theft

Warning over ‘pretend cops’ after woman reports theft

A 28 year old woman has filed a complaint with Limassol police that two men pretending to be policemen had entered her apartment on the pretext on checking whether there were other people there and stolen a €20 note.

She told police that last night there had been a ring on the intercom and a person had told her that police were carrying out checks regarding compliance with the lockdown decree.

Her doorbell rang and two men entered, one of them quickly showed her an ID but she was unable to retain any details.

They then said they wanted to check the apartment and after quickly looking around left.

After they had gone she noticed that a €20 note had been stolen from the kitchen.

According to the description she gave police, one is 1.82 metres tall and the other 1.75. Both spoke Greek with Cypriot accents.

Police are looking for the two men and are checking CCTV in the area.

They have also appealed to the public to be alert and clarified that police officers always have a police ID with them.

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