NewsLocalVote on Anti-Corruption Authority establishment postponed till early 2022

Vote on Anti-Corruption Authority establishment postponed till early 2022

Parliament on Thursday postponed voting on a draft anti-corruption bill providing for the establishment of an independent authority to look into reported cases till early 2022.

Even though Thursday was International Anti-Corruption Day and opposition parties once again accused the government that corruption continues to damage the image of Cyprus.

The House Legal Committee demands several amendments to the new bill drafted by the Ministry of Justice and the Republic’s law Office, according to Philenews.

The amendments include a provision that the Minister of Justice should inform the parliamentary committee before submitting a proposal before Cabinet on candidates for appointment as members of the anti-corruption authority.

At the same time, MPs have concluded a discussion, which started five years ago, of a bill on the protection of whistleblowers which is now also headed for the plenum to be put to the vote.

The whistleblower bill provides greater transparency and accountability on public issues in order to bolster fair government.


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