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‘Volunteer doctors Cyprus’ in Beirut to assist


Α three member delegation of ‘Volunteer Doctors Cyprus’, headed by paediatric surgeon Dr.Eleni Theocharous is in Beirut to provide medical care and humanitarian assistance.

It also carried much needed medical supplies, such as surgery consumables, stitches, materials for their own protection when they examine patients, as well as all supplies necessary in cases of urgent humanitarian missions.

Dr.Theocharous said that this was an urgent mission to assist the people of Lebanon, supported in this effort by the foreign ministry and minister Christodoulides personally.

As she noted, practical difficulties did not allow an earlier departure.

The Lebanese health ministry has set up the mission to work in various hospital across Beirut, while they will also be meeting Cyprus embassy representatives, as well as the Greek Orthodox, Maronite and Armenian community that have relatives in Lebanon.

Two specialised traumatology nurses are also taking part, Anna Farmaka and Nikoletta Makri.

President of Volunteer Doctors Cyprus Androula Agrotou said that the organisation’s purpose is to assist during humanitarian disasters, wars and conflicts, expressing the hope that the mission will reach as many possible as possible.

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