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Voice for Animals to hold information session on new dog law

The animal welfare association Cyprus Voice for Animals is organising an open meeting on June 7, at 7:30 pm at Strovolos municipal hall.

The meeting aims to inform citizens on the draft bill on dogs, for which the public has been asked to give feedback.

“With this meeting, we hope to inform other animal welfare groups and volunteers that care for, and foster stray dogs, but also to inform each and every responsible dog owner about this new law. The limitation of ‘two dogs per ground floor residence and one per apartment’, as well as the clause saying that the building committee must approve having a dog in one’s residence, are outrageous, they are against our rights and will not be tolerated.

“That is why we are holding our own open hearing in order to be well informed, organised and to be able to stop these ridiculous clauses from passing as a law,” the organisation said.

Voice for Animals invites all people and organisations who care about dogs to attend the meeting. “We must be heard loud and clear, for our voice is the only voice animals have,” it said.

Publication of the draft bill that among other proposes limiting the number of dogs per house to two has sparked a range of  reactions, particularly on social media.

Many took issue with the restriction on the number of dogs an owner can have at home to two  (one for apartments), while others noted that more emphasis should be given to tackling animal abuse and ensuring adequate facilities for strays.

Beyond a restriction on the number of dogs that can be kept at home, the draft bill also proposes prohibiting keeping them on balconies.

Irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up after their dogs will liable to a fine of €300. A similar fine will be imposed if owners allow their dogs to circulate in public areas off the leash.

And all dogs will be required to wear a collar with the number of their dog licence and contact details of the owner.

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