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Viral gastroenteritis hits both adults and children these days

Adults and children alike seem to be hit by viral gastroenteritis these days with doctors in Cyprus calling for caution, Philenews reported on Tuesday.

Symptoms of viral gastroenteritis are nausea, vomiting, and watery diarrhea, according to general practitioners and pediatricians.

Rising gastroenteritis cases this time of the year “is not something that surprises doctors since such viral infections often occur in the early summer, Dr Andreas Poynikis said.

At the same time, the doctor also called on citizens to start taking measures to prevent the transmission of gastroenteritis which is viral, from person to person.

It is not a bad idea, he also said, that one who presents gastroenteritis symptoms not to have much contact with the rest of the people in the house.

In the pediatric ward of Makarion Hospital the number of children admitted last month with gastroenteritis was over 40. In most cases, they had to be hospitalized for up to seven days.

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