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Violence at schools: Security guards and psychiatrists on the way

Minister of Education Prodromos Prodromou on Wednesday announced measures to combat bullying, delinquency and violence at schools, especially secondary level ones.

Specifically, security guards are to be employed at some high schools while in others teachers who act as department heads are to get special training. Moreover, psychiatrists are to be hired and posted at a number of schools.

The Minister noted that increasingly younger ages are involved in incidents of violence, while several are racial ones. Or instigated by extra-curriculum students.

After consultation with services concerned with violence at schools, the Education Ministry will take the following actions:

—Surveillance/guarding will be ensured in a number of high schools for which there are indications that it is needed and/or would help in their smooth operation and in the prevention of incidents due, primarily- to the entry of extracurricular students.

—Special training on issues of intimidation, violence and delinquency is instituted which will be carried out on a permanent basis for all teachers who assume the duties of Head of Department in Secondary and Primary Education.

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