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Violence against women and children increased

During the visit to the House of Child and House of Woman, the House Human Rights Committee received information for increased cases of violence and sexual abuse against women and children in Cyprus. The two innovative centers are hosting children and women, respectively, victims of sexual abuse and violence and they get psychological and other support by specialists.

The deputies heard that in 2021, some 481 cases of children have been referred to the House of Child, most of them girls that were victims of sexual abuse. It was noted that in most cases the culprits are adult men, while in 62 cases the suspect was the father.

The House of Woman began its operation in December 2020 and is dealing with approximately 35 cases of abused women monthly. Various professionals are working there like clinical psychologists, social workers, specially trained members of the Police and others. The House of Woman serves all women and their underage children, as well as minor girls. It has an Action Group that is working 24/7 in cases of violence against women and girls.

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