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Vet Services announce cat neutering scheme

The Veterinary Services announced on Thursday the state’s cat neutering programme for 2023-2025, inviting local authorities, registered animal welfare organisations and veterinarians to declare their interest to participate.

With a total budget of 300,000 euros, the scheme will be implemented by the Vet Services in cooperation with local authorities and animal welfare organisations.

Local authorities and animal welfare organisations who wish to participate in the scheme can do so by declaring their interest by May 31, 2023, to their district’s Veterinary Office.

Individuals and unregistered groups acting as volunteers caring for animals can only participate through their local authorities or animal welfare organisations, the Vet Services noted.

Veterinarians working in the private sector are also invited to participate.

Only registered veterinarians with properly equipped veterinary clinics for conducting surgeries and managing the post-operative care of cats can participate in the scheme by declaring their interest by May 31, 2023.

All relevant documents can be found on the Veterinary Services website.

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