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Vet Association: ‘No indication pets can contract the virus’

The Pancyprian Veterinary Association said on Monday that there is no indication to date that pets living with people found positive to Covid-19 can contract the virus and then transmit it to other people or animals, the CNA reports.

In an announcement, the Association said that data published so far by European vet organisations WVA, FVE and WSAVA as well as the ECDC, WHO and OIE indicate that any published data should be interpreted with caution and skepticism as many “researches” of the past have been refuted as unfounded.

“It should be emphasised that all public health organisations globally following the development of Covid-19 said once again on April 4 that there is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted from pets to humans,” the announcement said.

It was added that the reputable American lab IDEXX tested for coronavirus thousands of samples taken from cats and dogs and all came out negative. 

The Association also urged citizens with pets who have been found positive to Coronavirus to take care of their pet and follow basic hygiene rules as recommended by the Ministry of Health.

“Do not abandon your pets. Only obtain information published by scientific companies and official authorities. Covid-19 is a virus mostly transmitted from human to human. Pets do not appear to play a significant role in the spread of the virus,” the announcement concludes.

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