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Vaccination Portal to open for people 61 and over

People aged 61 and over will be able to book an appointment through the vaccination portal on Wednesday and Thursday to be vaccinated against COVID-19, the Health Ministry of Cyprus has said, adding that 19,378 appointments will be made available.

In a press release, the Ministry also informs that until April 5, 165,116 vaccine doses have been administered, 117,615 first doses and 47,501 second doses of the vaccine. At the same time 7,577 people belonging to vulnerable groups of the population have received the first dose of the vaccine while 548 vaccinations were administered on people who are bedridden in their homes.  In total, at least 81.65% of people aged 80 and over have received the first dose and 76.34% of people aged 70 – 49.

The vaccination portal will be open for people aged 61 and over from 0800 hours on Wednesday, April 7 until 1900 hours on Thursday, April 8, the Ministry says. In particular, it adds, 19,378 appointments will be available in vaccination centres in all districts.

The national vaccination plan, the Ministry press release continues, is going ahead on the basis of the plan which has been prepared and focuses both on the general public`s vaccination on the basis of age criteria and the vaccination of people who belong in vulnerable groups of the population.

Based on the information available so far on the quantities of vaccines expected to be delivered in Cyprus in the coming days, the Ministry believes that the vaccination of vulnerable groups of people with at least the first dose of the vaccine will be completed within April while it aims to administer at least the first dose of the vaccine to people aged 45 and over by beginning of May.


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