NewsLocalVaccination portal for aged 35-36 crashes within minutes of opening

Vaccination portal for aged 35-36 crashes within minutes of opening

The electronic vaccination portal which opened early on Thursday for people aged 35-36 crashed within minutes.

In fact, the portal appeared unable to load at all with officials saying this will probably re-open around 2pm.

The officials also reminded that the portal is set to open on Friday from 0730 to 2000 for the ages of 33-34.

The Ministry of Health has announced that the total number of Covid-19 vaccine doses administered up until Tuesday has risen to 307,698 (35 doses per 100 inhabitants).

And that 1.9% (235,919 people) were vaccinated with the first dose of EU licensed vaccines, while 9.9% (71,779 people) completed their vaccination regime.

Vaccination coverage in Cyprus continues at a steady pace, approaching the target for the first dose to be administered to more than 60% of citizens who can be vaccinated by end of June.

Citizens of the age group of 30-39 are currently given vaccination priority.


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