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Vaccination gate open for everyone until jabs finish


The vaccination appointment gate will remain open for people of all ages until available doses of vaccines run out, said the health ministry.

It opened on Friday for everyone 18 and over, with the ministry noting that at regular intervals, appointments will be added as vaccine doses arrive.

The health ministry is encouraging all citizens to contribute to the huge task at hand, the vaccination of as high a percentage of the population as possible, shielding society.

By June 18, 70% of people aged 40-49 had received at least the first dose, as had 69% of the 50-59 age group, 79.6% of the 60-69 group, more than 90% of people aged 70 to 79 and 91% of the 80 and over.

The vaccination percentage for the 30 to 39s is around 50% with the 18-19s and 20-29s at 25.8 and 32.9% respectively.

In total, 62% of the population have received the first dose and 44.1% have completed the vaccination schedule.

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