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US Senator Menendez repeats he won’t approve sale of F-16s to Turkey

U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez has repeated his clear opposition to the sale of F-16 fighter aircraft to Turkey, according to Hellas Journal website.

On Tuesday, he said that the U.S. State Department should adopt a firmer stance toward Turkey instead of calling on both sides to tone down their rhetoric. Or find a peaceful way to resolve their differences, when only the one side was being belligerent.

Menendez also welcomed the sale of F-35 jets to Greece, noting that Athens has proven itself a strong ally in NATO, with a government and a people that “share our values”.

He then noted that this plays an important role in the sale of American military equipment abroad.

Expanding on this, when asked what will happen with the sale of F-16s to Turkey, the U.S. senator replied:

“I would aspire for Turkey to be different than it is under President Erdogan. For Turkey to be the reliable NATO ally, to follow the international norms, to not be belligerent to its neighbours, to not arrest and imprison journalists and lawyers. To not suddenly declare one of your main political opponents guilty in order to disqualify them from standing in the elections… It is in that context that I have opposed the sale of the F-16s, because at the end of the day, the reality is that we have not seen a Turkey under Erdogan that lives up to those expectations.”

Instead, he added, “what we have seen is a Turkey that threatens another NATO ally, the Hellenic Republic and threatens it without justification, without cause.” So, he said, in his opinion it would “baffling” to sell military equipment to Turkey when it takes such actions and when it clearly demonstrates, again and again, some of its intentions.

He also said that the Biden administration might use his own stance toward the sale as a way to get Turkey to act differently and, if that happens, “it could be a positive thing”.

But as of now, Menendez added, he intends to continue to do what he has said he would do, which is to not approve the sale.

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