NewsLocalUS House Committee accepts amendment blocking F-16 sale to Turkey

US House Committee accepts amendment blocking F-16 sale to Turkey

An amendment prohibiting the sale of F-16 fighter jets or modernization kits to Turkey was accepted by the Rules Committee of the US House of Representatives

This means that the Joe Biden administration does not proceed with the sale of these weapons, Cyprus News Agency reported on Wednesday.

Specifically, the bipartisan amendment forbids the U.S. president from transferring weapons to any NATO member that has in the last year repeatedly violated another NATO member state’s airspace, sovereignty or territorial integrity.

The amendment leaves a window that allows the president to overcome the restrictions, provided that he affirms that this is vital for U.S. national security.

And it also provides a detailed breakdown of the measures to ensure that U.S. weapons are not used to violate the sovereignty of another NATO member.

Since the beginning of 2022 Turkey has violated the airspace of fellow NATO ally Greece over 2,377 times, including 120 overflights over Greek territory.

Turkey also violates the sovereignty of Cyprus, part of which is still under its military control since a 1974 invasion.

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