NewsLocalUrgent appeal for blood donation during Holy Week (UPDATE)

Urgent appeal for blood donation during Holy Week (UPDATE)


The Blood Centre has issued yet another dramatic appeal to blood donors to come forward next week, as reserves are running dangerously low.

Frequent cancellations of blood donation events due to covid, as well as the large number of people in self-isolation, citizens who are excluded due to vaccinations and the general pandemic climate as a whole, has led to a major drop in blood donors, as needs are approaching red alert levels with blood needed amongst the highest amounts in decades.

Patients with covid have low haemoglobin and haemorrhage, needing frequent transfusions.

The Blood Centre warns that the situation is getting progressively worse and results might be catastrophic if blood donation does not increase.

Vaccinated people can give blood, 7 days after each dose of the Pfizer/Moderna jab abd 28 days after the AstraZeneca and Johnson&Johnson vaccines.

Blood donation centres have extended their working hours to allow for more people to come in.

For more information please call on  2280900122809032 and 22809098


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