NewsLocalUpdated: Two 15 year olds caught driving in Limassol and Paphos

Updated: Two 15 year olds caught driving in Limassol and Paphos

Two 15 year old youths will face charges after they were caught driving without a licence or insurance — the first in Polemidhia and the second in Mesoyi.

In the second instance, the father was in the front seat.

The incidents come only hours after the police leadership held an urgent meeting to discuss ways of stemming the bloodshed on the roads after a spike in road fatalities this month.

Police have appealed for a change in mentality among road users who were urged to respect the traffic code.

Traffic police have been instructed to be far stricter in the implementation of the law.

The first teenage driver was arrested in Polemidhia at around 10.30 pm when police went to check on a parked vehicle.

The driver sped off, jumping a red light  and threw a small nylon bag out of the window which police later said was a small amount of cannabis.

Police arrived at his house, having taken down the number plates of the car which belongs to his father.

The 15 year old admitted he had taken the car without his father’s permission who faces charges for not exercising due care with his vehicle.

Father and son were both charged to appear in court at a later date.

The second instance occurred in Mesoyia a little befire midnight where amazed Paphos police stopped a car only to find a 15 year old boy at the wheel and his father next to him, neither of them wearing a seat belt.

Both were charged and will appear in court on a later date.

Police said they had also stopped a 17 year old woman in Oroklini who was driving without a licence. With her in the car was her father who was also charged.

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