NewsLocalUpdated: Third suitcase retrieved from Kokkini Limni

Updated: Third suitcase retrieved from Kokkini Limni

A suitcase containing the badly decomposed body of a woman, believed to belong to one of seven victims of a self-confessed serial killer, has been retrieved from Kokkini Limni near Mitsero, philenews reports.

The suitcase was retrieved from the west side of the lake, put on a boat and brought to shore. State pathologists and CID are at the scene. They inspected the suitcase and it was then taken by truck to the morgue.

Sources said the suitcase contained the body of a woman who was tied up and in an advanced state of decomposition. The same sources said that there were pavement slabs in the suitcase.

Police chief Kypros Michaelides who went to the site spoke of unprecedented barbarity unprecedented in his 42 year career.

Authorities have been combing the lake for weeks after a 35 year old National Guard officer said he threw three suitcases with the bodies of his victims there.

Two bodies, of a mother and daughter, were found in suitcases recovered from the lake.

Authorities have been combing the lake with divers and robotic cameras to find the third victim believed to be Maricar Valdez Arquiola from the Philippines.

The suspect, who went by the online name of Orestes, has reportedly confessed to killing five women and two children. Authorities have recovered the bodies of two women from an abandoned  mine shaft and the body of another woman from a dry well in Orounda firing range. The bodies of a mother and daughter were recovered from Kokkini Limni.

The suspect said he also threw the body of a six year old girl in Memi Lake near Xyliatou where a search is ongoing.

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