NewsLocalUpdated: Police to step up presence after spike in road fatalities

Updated: Police to step up presence after spike in road fatalities


Traffic police will step up their presence on the roads and be stricter in the implementation of the law,  the police leadership decided on Monday.

Police chief Kypros Michaelides called an urgent meeting at police headquarters at noon on Monday following a spate of road fatalities in August — three of them over the weekend.

Taking part were the traffic chiefs of each district.

A number of proposals were discussed and measures decided, police spokesman Christos Andreou said.

These include:

  • increased police presence on the roads
  • police were instructed to be stricter in the implementation of the law
  • black spots  in the road network will be identified.

Andreou said some of these measures may displease some road users but it was better to displease some people than for irresponsible driving to continue.

He appealed to all young drivers to comply with the traffic code and urged parents to caution their children.

He also called on everyone to assist police’s efforts.

Moreover, in a written announcement after the meeting police said that special emphasis will be given to the following:

  1. Traffic cameras
  2. Tougher penalties: Police have made repeated proposals for steeper penalties saying that as they currently stand they do not serve as a deterrent
  3. Intensification of road safety campaigns
  4. Cooperation with all relevant bodies

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