NewsLocalUpdated: Paphos, Limassol buses back to work on Wednesday

Updated: Paphos, Limassol buses back to work on Wednesday

Paphos bus drivers said they will return to work on Wednesday after striking for two days.

Paphos bus company (OSYPA) met with the Transport Ministry on Tuesday. Both sides decided to have a thorough discussion in the next two days.

OSYPA spokesman said that if there is no solution after the discussion, they will strike again.

Some 5000 pupils as well as another 3000 passengers mostly elderly, employees and tourists are affected by the strike.

The absence of public transportation led to traffic congestion again in central areas of Paphos and outside schools.

Meanwhile, Limassol bus company decided on Tuesday to return to work tomorrow. Their November salaries were paid on Tuesday.

Despite appeals from management that they resume work today, particularly the school service at lunch time, employees were adamant.

The employees are striking over the non-payment of their salaries because of the government’s delay in paying the state’s contribution.

The state and bus companies are locked in a dispute over payments, with the government saying that bus companies have been overpaid and is claiming back surplus amounts.

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