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UPDATED-Greens: ‘Palm trees massacred in Paphos’ (photos)

The Greens slam Paphos municipality for uprooting palm trees at the Ivi Maliotou Park yesterday in an announcement published today, describing such actions as dangerous and vindictive towards the environment.

The palm trees, the announcement said, were removed without obtaining prior permission by the Forestry Department, despite the municipality’s earlier assurances to the contrary.

When the party had visited the location, it is explained, it was informed of plans to only remove two palm trees and some citrus fruit trees and assured that it would not proceed to any action without priorly consulting the Forestry Department.

“We have been deceived. The Forestry Department visited the scene only to find that the palm tree population had been massacred,” the party said.

“It’s one thing to clean the area, and another to remove any trees the mayor doesn’t like.

“We strongly condemn yesterday’s actions and openly accuse the mayor of being responsible for the shrinking of the city’s green areas,” the party concluded.

The Paphos Municipality dismissed the accusations, saying that the Ivi Maliotou Park had been neglected for decades, creating a negative image for the city.

“In order to improve that image, we proceeded with the cleaning of the area, removing all unnecessary objects that had been piling up for years. At the same time, we began restorations of the green areas by removing the old, rotten and dangerous trees in order to replace them with many new trees, plants and flowers.

“We are confident that with the completion of the park’s upgrade, the result will justify our actions,” the announcement concluded.

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