InsiderBusiness(Update) Three Cypriot companies in new US sanctions list

(Update) Three Cypriot companies in new US sanctions list

The United States of America on Friday published its revised sanctions list targeting entities and individuals connected to the funding of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The list adds three new Cyprus-based entities, to the 16 announced in a previous round of US sanctions in mid-April.

The new companies on the list are Aquila Capital Group, Huriya Private Cyprus Ltd (linked to John Desmond Hanafin) and Robarin Ltd, (linked to Anselm Oskar Schmucki).

Commenting on the news, US Ambassador in Cyprus Julie Fisher said that the US appreciates Cyprus’ partnership in holding those fueling the war in Ukraine to account.

Fisher wrote on her Twitter account that new US sanctions target enablers of Russia’s war in Ukraine – 237 individuals and entities in 17 countries including three based in Cyprus.

The Cypriot citizens included in the previous US sanctions list are:

Kyriacos Attikouris, Marilena Georgiou, Costas Yiannakou, Antonis Kyriacou, Demetrios Serghides, Kocharova Gulnoz Zunnurovna, Ismailova Gulbakhor Burkhanovna and Kocharov Vakhtang Ernstovich.

The Cyprus-based entities included in the previous US sanctions list are:

Miramonte Investments Limited, Savoler Development Limited, Sommen Secretarial Services Limited, Windfel Properties Limited, Almenor Holdings Limited, Hightrail Ltd, Klaret Aviation Limited and Omnia Services Cyprus Ltd.

Earlier on Friday, the UK government released its own revised sanctions list, adding 86 individuals and entities, none of them though were Cypriot or Cyprus-based.

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