NewsLocalUpdate: Ministry of Education condemns ELAM

Update: Ministry of Education condemns ELAM

Ministry of Education deputy director Elias Markatzis said that the Ministry condemns ELAM’s move to donate jackets to Geroskipou primary school, which were meant to be given ‘only to Greek Cypriot pupils.’

Talking to ACTIVE radio, Markatzis said that the Ministry condemns the use of schools for political purposes and self-promotion.

He added that the jackets were distributed to all pupils in need and that the Ministry is investigating the case.

Geroskipou Municipality

Geroskipou municipality on Wednesday also condemned ELAM.

The municipality said that it condemns racism and xenophobia as well as that it remains committed to the vision for the creation of “a modern, flexible and innovative system aimed at supporting people in need as well as promoting the social integration of people and families at risk of social exclusion.”

“Besides the migrant integration programme in the local community which is being organised for a fourth consecutive year, we will continue to take initiatives in cooperation with the state and other organisations in order to fully utilise European and state funds to offer to those in need,” the municipality said.

ELAM’s response

Speaking to CyBC on Wednesday, ELAM leader Christos Christou said that a Parent’s Association member had contacted the Party to ask for help. “We asked what their needs were and whether the Association or the school’s board will be informed about our involvement.”

According to Christou, the parent said the school needed 12 jackets, “so we gave them 12 jackets. Then the school took over the responsibility of distributing the jackets, to give them to whoever was in need.”

Asked to comment on the Party’s announcement, which said that the jackets were meant for “Greek Cypriot pupils,” Christou answered: “we donated the jackets to a Cypriot school so we believed that they would have gone to Greek Cypriot pupils. What did you want us to say? That the jackets were donated to Egyptians?”

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