NewsLocalUnvaccinated people have up to 25% highter risk to be hospitalised

Unvaccinated people have up to 25% highter risk to be hospitalised

The risk of hospital admission for COVID patients who are unvaccinated is from 6 to 25% higher than for vaccinated people, according to figures the Health Ministry released on Thursday. These figures are up to March 23 and post COVID patients still receiving treatment are not included.

The Ministry`s press release says that the data are published in an effort to give correct information to the public and maximise transparency.

The figures show that 64% of the patients do not have a vaccination record, partially vaccinated are 7%, fully vaccinated 1%, and fully vaccinated with the 3rd dose as well are 28% of whom 69.8% are patients over 70.

Partially vaccinated are those who had the 1st dose of a 2-dose vaccine, those who had 2 doses and 14 days have not elapsed from the 2nd dose, those who were given the JJ shot and 14 days have not passed and those who were given 2 doses and five months have elapsed from the 2nd dose and have not had administered the booster shot.
Fully vaccinated are those who had both doses of a 2-dose vaccine administered and 14 days have elapsed but not 150 days have gone by since the 2nd dose (same applies for the JJ shot).

As regards age groups figures show that in ages 20-29 and 30-39 there are no hospital admissions. In ages 40-49 hospitalisations reach 7%, in ages 50-59 they reach 4.7%, in the age group of 60-69 this percentage is 18.6, in ages 70-70 it reaches 37.2%, in  80-89 it reaches 25.6% and over 90 it is at 7%.


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