NewsLocal'Unsuitable' rubbish a headache for Paphos refuse collectors

‘Unsuitable’ rubbish a headache for Paphos refuse collectors

Paphos refuse collection service faces a headache from the disposal of unsuitable items for collection by municipal trucks — including car parts and building materials, Philenews reported on Monday.

A Paphos municipal source told the site that such items are breaking the trucks, adding that the public knows well that they should be taken to special disposal lots and not put out with household rubbish.

The source said that items found in refuse bags put outside for collection include car parts, stones, iron, building materials and other items that should be taken to green spots.

“Unfortunately in most cases this unacceptable situation only comes to light once the bags are thrown in the trucks and the mechanism sustains damage. This means a significant loss for refuse trucks, both financially and in terms of the time needed for repairs,” the source added.


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