NewsLocalUnprecedented drop in vegetables prices just before Easter Holy Week

Unprecedented drop in vegetables prices just before Easter Holy Week

With the Holy Week just around the corner an unprecedented drop in vegetable prices is recorded in Cyprus making producers nervous about the day after Easter.

Because they expect prices to drop further considering that restaurants are not operating in full capacity and hotels are closed because of the coronavirus restrictions, Philenews reports.

It is believed that just after a number of green products of various types will end up in landfills after Easter.

There is an overabundance of basic agricultural products these days, while the purchasing power of consumers because of the pandemic has decreased significantly.

Consumers are spending less and less even in everyday grocery shopping, and combined with the numbness of the market, prices have been driven to real low levels.

In fact, many products are now available for less than €1 per kilo. This means that even less money goes into the pockets of producers.

Specifically, tomatoes are sold at 80 cents per kilo, and so is the price of cucumbers.

Potatoes are sold at 40 cents per kilo, lettuce at 50 cents per kilo and broccoli at 60 cents per kilo.

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