NewsLocalUnderage girls victims of online sexual bulling

Underage girls victims of online sexual bulling

The numbers of photos, mainly of underage girls, that are released online by former boyfriends or of girls being victims of bulling are causing concern, while concern is also caused by the increased number of cases of child pornography.

At the same time, electronic fraud is on the rise, with criminals finding more and more ways of cheating unsuspecting citizens, using the social media.

Andreas Anastasiades, Assistant Director of Crime Combating Department, said that despite Police urging to young people not to exchange inappropriate photos, this continues and as a result there are complaints. After breaking up with their boyfriends, underage students see their photos from their personal moments circulate online. This, as Mr. Anastasiades says, has as a result the girls’ isolation since they feel shame.

He also said that so far this year, 45 such cases have been investigated as well as 111 cases of child pornography.

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