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Ukranians fleeing the war also had to pay for PCR test upon arrival in Cyprus

As if it was not bad enough Ukrainians had to flee their war-torn country they also had to pay for a mandatory PCR test upon arrival to Cyprus in recent past days.

This is what Philenews reported on Tuesday, adding that the cost was €15 each and some could not afford it but thankfully Cypriot co-passengers chipped in.

At the same time, the government opened a solidarity bank account for Ukraine and proposed to Brussels that all EU countries share the burden of the new migrant flow.

The harsh criticism raised over the non-humanitarian airport policy – especially in social media – prompted the state to issue an announcement around noon on Monday.

This also said that the PCR test cost for Ukrainian nationals would be borne by the state.

Philenews had reported the first such in-humanitarian incident on a flight last Sunday from Warsaw to Cyprus.


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