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Ukrainians in Cyprus invite to meeting on Sunday for victims of World War II, of War in Ukraine


On 8th of May The Community of Ukrainians in Cyprus and all concerned people are going to a commemoration meeting of all the victims both Second World War and The War in Ukraine.

77 years ago, on the 8th of May 1945 at 23:01 there was put a final dot in the story of the WWΙΙ by signing a peace treaty. That was what USA and European allies thought. But comrade Stalin insisted on signing a separate capitulation act on the next day the 9th of May. That’s why the majority of countries in the world considers the 8th of May as the Victory day and only some of the former USSR countries, including Russia, celebrate the 9th of May as their own Victory day in the Great Patriotic War.

Not only the date is the difference but the meaning as well. On the 8ths of May together with Victory the world established the day of commemoration and reconciliation. In other words, this day symbolizes not the triumph of the victors over the vanquished, but a reminder of the terrible catastrophe of the Second World War and a warning that international issues cannot be resolved by force of arms, ultimatums, aggression.In the USSR, on the other hand, since the 1960s, May 9 has been a day when the country glorifies its triumph, a feat, reinforced by military parades, forgetting the multimillion casualties. And in recent years in Russia more and more often on this day we hear a terrible slogan “We can repeat”. Self-admiration for the victory of the grand-parents and glorification of the nation of victors gave rise to modern ruscism (Russian fascism), which by its war crimes against civilians and genocide reminds us more and more of World War II.On May 8, 2022, the year when the whole world realized that the Russian slogan “We can repeat” has become a reality, we commemorate the 50-85 million lives taken by World War II. Among them were 3 million Ukrainian servicemen who served in the armies of various allied countries, not only the USSR, but also the United States, Great Britain, and Poland; and more than 5 million Ukrainian civilians killed in hostilities in concentration camps were shot and subjected to Soviet repression after the Nazi expulsion (about 700,000). If you just imagine these figures, it is just scary, because in fact the Second World War took the lives of more than 20% of the population of Ukraine in that times. The memory of this still lives in us. As well as the question – how can anyone celebrate, salute and solemnly welcome the victory won at such a price, at the cost of millions of humans lives?

We are announcing a big commemoration meeting of all the victims both Second World War and The War in Ukraine on SUNDAY, MAY 8, 17:00


Limassol – Molos, near the skate park

We invite everyone to join this memorial service and wear red poppies – an international symbol of memory of the victims of all military and civilian armed conflicts, an allusion to the bloody trace of a bullet that symbolizes pain and death. But this year we will add Ukrainian colors to the red poppies as a symbol that history repeats itself, and Ukraine today is the bastion that defends the civilized world from ruscism.

We will listen to the speech of lady who witnessed all the horrors of the Second World War and suffered from The War in Ukraine. We will honor all the victims from both Wars with a minute of silence and will appeal to the civilized world communities to remember how important is to keep the line “Never Again”. Then we will sing together the famous Ukrainian folklore song “Chervona Kalina” that became a symbol of belief for a peaceful and prosperous future.

We invite all the progressive and civilized media to the event. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Please write back to me whether you will be able to come to “NO TO FASCISM, NO TO RUSCISM” MEETING. 

Best regards, Julia Karpushyna

Ukrainian Volunteer

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