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Ukrainian crisis to have serious knock-on effects on Europe’s farmers

Cyprus’ Agriculture Minister on Wednesday joins his EU counterparts in an informal video conference to discuss the market situation for agri-food products in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Costas Kadis is expected to raise the serious problems all those involved in the agri-food chain are already confronted with – especially the island’s cattle breeders, according to Philenews.

Because Cyprus – which is a country geographically distant from the EU central market – is experiencing higher obstacles after the coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, the pandemic has hit the viability of livestock farmers who already depend – to a large extent – on the EU support they are entitled to.

Senior EU officials warn that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will have serious knock-on effects that could be “painful” for Europe’s farmers and the broader food system.

The EU’s heavily subsidized farming system is an exporting powerhouse, but livelihoods could be threatened because much of the EU’s meat and dairy industry relies on imported feed crops from Ukraine. And the bloc is also hooked on Russian gas and fertilizers.

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