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Ukrainian Ambassador expresses gratitude for Cyprus’s solidarity and support

Ukrainian Ambassador to Nicosia, Ruslan Nimchynskyi, expressed his gratitude to the Republic of Cyprus and Cypriots for their solidarity and support to Ukraine and its people. Nimchynskyi along with the Ambassadors of the Czech Republic and Poland met on Wednesday with the President of Democratic Rally (DISY) Averof Neophytou.

“I am extremely grateful for the support for Ukraine, which is fighting for its independence for democracy. Millions of Ukrainians have given their lives for the sake of tomorrow`s prosperous Europe. We are grateful to the Republic of Cyprus, to many Cypriots for their solidarity and for standing by our side during these difficult times,” he said.

He also called upon Cypriots to continue supporting Ukraine and the country’s aspiration to join the EU. “I am sure this will be a demonstration of solidarity and unity to the Ukrainian people who is fighting for the sake of Europe, demonstrating that we are part of Europe. We have always been part of Europe and we will be ready to offer everything we can to make Europe stronger and more prosperous,” he said.

The International Relations Secretary of DISY George Hadjigeorgiou, who attended the meeting, said that Neophytou reiterated Cyprus` support to the Ukrainian people, and praised the European Union`s support for Ukraine. At the same time, he concluded, he informed the Ambassador of Ukraine about DISY’s support of Ukraine’s request to become an EU member state.


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