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UK now upgraded on Cyprus’ coronavirus risk assessment list

As of Saturday, Cyprus has upgraded the United Kingdom to Category B from Category C after updating the country’s risk assessment regarding COVID-19.

There are five flights from Britain scheduled to arrive at Larnaca airport on Saturday and one on Sunday. As for Paphos, there are three flights scheduled from Britain on Saturday.

At the same time, Georgia is moved to Category A, with passengers from this country no longer required to provide a certificate of a Covid-19 test upon their arrival in Cyprus.

Also as of Saturday, Algeria and Bulgaria are being moved to Category C from Category B, as both countries are deemed to pose increased risks compared to Category A and B countries.

Category B passengers need to undertake a laboratory test at least 72 hours before their departure, and hold a certificate confirming that they are COVID-19 negative.

Cypriot citizens residing permanently in Cyprus, their foreign partners and underage children, as well as all legal residents of Cyprus, persons eligible according to the Vienna Convention, and persons whose countries do not provide testing services, can be tested on arrival at their own expenses and must remain at home until the results are made available.

All passengers, irrespective of nationality and regardless of the category their country is included, are obliged to apply for the Cyprus Flight Pass ( within 24 hours before their flight departure.


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