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UK Minister expresses support for Cyprus’ settlement and Varosha resolution

The UK Foreign Minister for the European Neighbourhood Wendy Morton has assurance of the UK’s ongoing support for a just and lasting settlement to reunite Cyprus, as well as for the Famagusta related UN resolutions.

Morton was responding to Theresa Villiers, the north London Conservative MP who had communicated to Foreign Secretary Raab a letter by three of her constituents on Famagusta.

The personal and moving letter was penned by the Savvides brothers from Famagusta and it detailed their family’s experiences and the Turkish threat to violate UN resolutions by opening up the town to others than its lawful inhabitants.

“The events of 1974 continue to cast a long shadow over Cyprus. The best way to address these issues is through a just and lasting settlement. The UK’s commitment to a deal on Cyprus is unwavering”, reads the letter.

Such a settlement reuniting Cyprus “would unlock significant economic benefits through increased opportunities for trade, investment, and tourism, and open up the possibility of new energy and economic partnerships in the region”, adds the Foreign Minister’ response.

Morton also points out the benefits of a bizonal, bicommunal federation in terms of regional security and stability.

She states that such a settlement would require the agreement of the two leaders, the support of Greece and Turkey and – importantly – successful referenda in each community.

On the issue of Security and Guarantees the letter restates that the UK has been clear. It is “open to whatever arrangements the two sides and the other Guarantor Powers can agree on in order to meet the security needs of the two Cypriot communities”.

The UK minister concludes saying that “the present state of Varosha reflects the consequences of the continued division of Cyprus. We fully support all relevant Security Council resolutions, including Resolutions 550 and 789. The Government remains convinced that, ultimately, a comprehensive settlement is the best chance of resolving such complex issues”.


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