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UK Labour Party condemn Turkish plans to re-settle Varosha

The UK major opposition Labour Party has issued a statement by the Minister for Peace and Disarmament Fabian Hamilton condemning Turkish plan for the reopening of Varosha in terms that violate Security Council resolutions.

“The UK Labour Party is concerned about the recent  announcements regarding plans to reopen and re-settle Varosha resort,” sad the statement sent to the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK.

“These plans are inflammatory and detrimental to the ongoing diplomatic efforts to reach a lasting solution on the island of Cyprus. Any actions related to Varosha must be in accordance with all relevant UN Security Council Resolutions, including UN Security Council Resolution 550,” it added.

The Labour Party also urges the British Government as the Penholder for Cyprus on the United Nations Security Council to play a leading part in ensuring UN resolutions are upheld and talks to reunite the island continue under UN supervision, addressing all outstanding issues facing both communities.

“It is also vital that the UK continues to urge de-escalation and the avoidance of all actions that threaten peace and stability, as well as respect for international law and UN resolutions, in Cyprus and in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

“Labour has repeatedly made it clear that the resolution of any disputes must be through peaceful dialogue, not escalated tensions,” added the statement.

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