NewsLocalU.K. Cypriots send complaint letter over 'TRNC' flag on London Met uniform

U.K. Cypriots send complaint letter over ‘TRNC’ flag on London Met uniform

The National Federation of Cypriots in the U.K. has sent a letter to London’s Metropolitan Police expressing their dissatisfaction over the display of the flag of the illegal regime occupying the northern part of Cyprus.

The letter, which is addressed to Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley, notes that the flag was seen on the uniform of a police constable who participated in a TV show.

With police having “a fundamental obligation to uphold the rule of law”, the letter stresses that it is “disappointing” that the flag has been allowed to be displayed in public communications.

The Federation notes similar incidents happened in 2018 and 2021 when the Metropolitan Police intervened to remove the flag from display and also apologised.

“First and foremost, to raise standards and to show respect and care, the Met Police must uphold international and domestic law, as well as its own and British Government policy. Sadly, the repeated displays of this secessionist flag demonstrate that the MPS is failing to show our Cypriot community that it cares for, and respects, it,” the letter concludes.

The Federation urged members of the Cypriot community in the U.K. to sign the letter.

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