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Two years in jail and was finally found innocent

A 48-year-old man who was accused for the case of the 36 kilos of cannabis found and confiscated after an operation on 29 August 2019 by the British Bases in cooperation with the Cypriot Authorities and remained in prison for two years, was finally not guilty.

In its verdict yesterday, the Limassol Assize Court found not guilty and relieved the man from any charges judging that it had not been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he was aware of the drugs been kept in his establishment.

The Court rejected part of the testimony of the two main witnesses in the case, policemen of the anti-Drug squad who had taken part in the operation, judging that it was not credible.

According to the case, the 48-year-old had an establishment within the area of the British Bases and the first accused, a 46-year-old asked him to store some furniture there, which however had drugs. The 46-year-old has admitted his guilt.

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