NewsLocalTwo women in custody over murder threats, attack

Two women in custody over murder threats, attack

Τwo Vietnamese women, a 39 year old married to a Briton and a 33 year old were remanded in custody by the district court of Paphos for three days, in connection to a series of cases including murder threats, attacks and human trafficking.

A third Vietnamese woman accused the 39 year old of threatening to kill her in a text message on her mobile phone, the alleged events taking place on March 5th.

Previously, the woman who went to the police accused the Briton’s wife of keeping a brothel and pressuring her into offering massage and other services.

She refused, as she said and then submitted a complaint, to which the other two women responded with threats.

On March 27th, the woman returned to police, claiming that the two women had threatened her again three days previously.

They were arrested following testimony that on March 11th, they went to the third woman’s house, threatened, attacked her and causing damage.

Both are denying involvement.

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