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Two out of three out of court coronavirus fines have not been paid

Two out of three citizens in Cyprus fined for violating protective coronavirus measures during the 26 months of the pandemic have not paid them.

And thy are now only a step away from facing court proceedings, Philenews reported on Thursday citing police data.

Specifically, between March 28, 2020 and May 31, 2022 a total of 44,344 out of court fines were issued with only 17, 466 – that is 39,4% – have been paid. Another 26,828 or 60,5% of fines remain unpaid.

Moreover, the out-of-court fines do not include a relatively small number of cases where they will be taken directly to Court since, under the law, these could not be settled otherwise.

Because it concerns companies that had been violating the law repeatedly at their premises.

Most out-of-court fines concern the non-use of a mandatory protective mask or because this was not worn the right way.  Others were for the violation of lockdowns by not sending an SMS before going out.

And some for cases when people were caught dancing when this was prohibited due to social distancing rules.

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