NewsLocalTwo new cases, total now 939

Two new cases, total now 939

Two new coronavirus cases were reported today by the health ministry, the same number as yesterday, from a total of 2214 tests, raising the number to 939, including 12 at the British Bases.

The cases were found through the Personal Doctors referral programme and testing to special health groups through public health centres (125 tests today).

The following tests were also carried out today but no cases were found:

  • None from 10,000 tests of hairdressers and catering establishments (652 tests today)
  • None from schools (390 tests today)
  • None from hospital labs (285 tests today)
  • None from repatriations (334 tests today)
  • None from 20000 tests in the retail and construction sectors (122 tests today)
  • None through tracing of contacts of confirmed cases (62 tests today)
  • None from private initiative (244 tests today)

At 3 pm on Tuesday, there were six patients at Famagusta Hospital – one more than yesterday – one of whom is being treated in the increased care unit.

There are three intubated patients in the ICU of Nicosia Hospital, one more than yesterday.

Cyprus recorded its first two cases on March 9. Positive cases have been recorded for every day since then although the number has been consistently in single digits since April 29.

On Saturday Cyprus recorded zero cases for the first time since the start of the outbreak.

The highest number recorded on a single day was 58 on April 1.

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