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Two more years of smoke coming from EAC’s chimneys in Vasiliko power station

The black and white toxic smoke rising from the Electricity Authority of Cyprus’ chimneys at Vasiliko power station will be visible to the public for two more years.

This is what Philenews reported on Tuesday, adding that the smoke is a result of the EAC removing the anti-pollutant filtering systems that were installed over the past three years.  The aim was to keep Cyprus within the limits of industrial carbon emissions.

Two things can minimize or even eliminate the problem, according to insiders.

Firstly, to repair the anti-pollution systems that went out of operation and led to the termination of the contract for the supply and installation of the systems since the company was not meeting its obligations.

Secondly, the EAC estimates that most of the problems presented by the steam units of the Vasilikos power plant are expected to be solved with the arrival of natural gas.

The EAC is proceeding with the necessary upgrades and additions of equipment so that the production units will be ready for the use of natural gas as fuel – the moment this is provided to the Mediterranean island.

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