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Two disciplinary cases for racism by police officers filed in 10 years

Between May 2009 and May 2019, police filed two disciplinary cases against officers who showed racist and xenophobic behaviour, the chief’s office said.

It was asked to brief in writing the House Human Rights and Legal Affairs Committee on the matter.

It said that of the two cases, one is closed and the officer received a penalty, while the second is still under investigation.

The first case took place in 2014 and involved a member of the Emergency Response Unit (MMAD). Phileleftheros writes, that the officer racially abused a foreigner during a search in old Nicosia. According to the documents sent to the House Committees, the officer was ordered to pay a monetary fine.

In the second case, which is under investigation, a female officer is accused of verbally abusing migrants in the Menoyia detention centre in 2016. The incident was filmed via a mobile phone and was made public by the NGO KISA.

The two Committees were examining the police handling of the disappearances of foreign women who were later found murdered by a suspected serial killer.

Police have come under fire over their failure to properly look for the women and children. Friends who contacted police regarding their search for the missing women were told that they had probably crossed the Green Line.

Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou resigned over the case and former police chief Zacharias Chrysostomou was dismissed by the President.

Police have launched an administrative inquiry into how the cases were handled. Chrysostomou has said if there had been dereliction of duty, those responsible would be held to account.

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