NewsLocalTwo arrivals at Paphos airport on Sunday, none yesterday

Two arrivals at Paphos airport on Sunday, none yesterday

Two more flights from Thessaloniki and Israel are scheduled to arrive at Paphos airport on Sunday within the third phase of easing of Coronavirus lockout measures, the CNA reports.

According to information from Paphos airport, two flights will land today in Paphos from Thessaloniki and Tel Aviv and another two will depart to Thessaloniki and Tel Aviv.

There were no flights at Paphos airport yesterday. However, more flights are expected to be scheduled for the month of July.

Coronavirus measures have been taken at Paphos airport, including taking the temperature of passengers upon their entry into the airport building. In addition, entrance to the building is only allowed for staff and passengers and the use of gloves and masks is obligatory in all airport areas by everyone using the premises with the recommendation of changing their mask every four hours or when it gets wet.

Moreover, an information desk for Coronavirus has been set up and signage has been placed in all airport areas regarding the measures being taken for the protection of passengers and staff, instructions for the proper use of gloves and mask, the proper cleaning of hands and the adherence to the two-metre distance.

Voice announcements have also been recorded for passengers and staff regarding the adherence to measures (use of mask and gloves, maintaining distances etc).

More frequent disinfections are also taking place and antiseptics have been placed in all areas for immediate access to them by the public.

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