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Tweaks to 8998 options with easing of restrictions


With phase one of the lockdown exit strategy coming into force on Monday, authorities have amended form B (and the 8998 text service) to reflect some of the changes accordingly.

People will be allowed  three ‘movements by exception’ — up from the previous one — with permission still to be obtained through the 8998 text service or using form B for those over 65. The curfew will start at 10 pm (from the current 9 pm) and end at 6 am.

There are still eight options. The categories are fundamentally the same with some minor tweaks, as regards options 2 (shopping)  6 (individual exercise) and 7 (ceremony).

One is still visiting a pharmacy or a doctor or going for blood donation.

Two has been reworded to visiting a shop to buy retail trade supplies/services to reflect the fact that other shops are open. Previously it referred to visiting a shop/supermarket for essential supplies/services.

Three remains visiting the bank for services that online transactions are not possible.

Four is necessary visits to public services or services of the wider public sector and local authorities.

Five remains helping people who cannot take care of themselves or people who must be protected or who are in self-isolation and/or in compulsory isolation (quarantine).

Six is for individual physical activity (walking, swimming, cycling, tennis, golf etc) or for pet needs, provided that there are not more than two people together. The previous stipulation that they must restrict themselves in areas adjacent to their residence has been deleted.

Seven is going to a ceremony (e.g. funeral, wedding, christening) of first and second degree relatives not exceeding 10 people. To this has been added: or for private prayer.

Eight remains any other reason which can be justified under the restrictive measures.

This category also includes divorced /separated parents so as to be in able to stay in touch with their children.

Citizens must carry their ID with them.

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