NewsLocalTurkish soldiers threaten farmer in buffer zone (photos)

Turkish soldiers threaten farmer in buffer zone (photos)

As the community head of Deneia village Christakis Panagiotou told philenews, on Tuesday morning three armed Turks approached a Greek Cypriot farmer and threatened him to abandon his crops or be killed.

Another incident had preceded last week when the occupation troops turned a blind eye to a settler farmer who moved his animals to graze into fields belonging to a Greek Cypriot and as a result the latter’s carob trees were destroyed. The settler claimed that his “government had given him the field and that he has papers from the army.”

As Christakis Panagiotou said, last week the United Nations intervened and sent the settler away but today, UNFICYP chose to keep a distance from the area. As noted, the Turkish army’s provocations in the buffer zone have recently increased and both the Foreign Ministry and the National Guard have been informed.

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