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Turkish President keeps his distance from any fresh efforts to resume Cyprus peace process

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has tried to keep a distance and called on the two sides in Cyprus to solve the problem as if it is not Ankara that occupies the divided island’s north.

The issue came up again during Wednesday’s dinner of EU and NATO Heads of State and Government of the North Atlantic Council in Madrid after Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades had confronted Erdogan.

Specifically, Anastasiades told Erdogan that his readiness to resume the peace process towards the settlement of the Cyprus issue under the auspices of the UN is undisputable.

And he also reiterated that he is always ready to enter into talks aimed at resolving a long-standing problem, the resolution of which will be beneficial for the whole of Cyprus and all Cypriots – including Turkish Cypriots.

Moreover, Anastasiades said the settlement of the Cyprus problem would also be beneficial for the stability and security in the Eastern Mediterranean, for Greek-Turkish relations and for EU-Turkey relations.

Erdogan’s response was that both sides in Cyprus have submitted their positions and it would be proper for an effort to be made with the Turkish Cypriot leadership to find a common starting point for reunification talks to resume.

Cyprus is divided since a 1974 invasion  by Turkey which still maintains troops in the breakaway north of the EU-member state.

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